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Dedicated to the creation of digital landscapes through inspiring design.

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WHITE/SPACE is a design landscaping venture that seeks to balance all aspects of aesthetic composition, to fortify general brand awareness and a cohesive identity.

It is a collective in the non-traditional sense: here, the ‘collective’ is the symbiotic exchange of ideas utilized and developed between the designer and client. These symbio-ideas are developed to create the most appropriate sense of personality and aesthetic for the client out in the world.

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But it's not just about the aesthetics.

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Brand Consistency

No one knows your business better than you. This knowledge is essential to design and develop a web solution that successfully fulfills your needs, and communicates a consistent brand message across all online delivery platforms. And not forgetting offline, where the union with digital creates a vital coherent synergy.

Responsible Design

An online experience is about far more than aesthetics. While special attention needs to be paid to browsing screen sizes, desktop versus laptop etc., it’s more about creating a seamless online experience regardless of the viewing platform.


Additionally, is it a simple and impactful site-journey? Is the content easily and legibly displayed? Is the information in bite-size chunks? Where is the data capture facility positioned? Is contact information easily available? And on. We love the process of taking an idea or concept and transforming desire and necessity into something visually exciting.

Client Base

People have a million great creative ideas but not necessarily the time to bring them to fruition. If you don’t have the time, or the inclination, to bring and mold your creativity into the digital arena, perhaps WHITE/SPACE can help?


Developing a vibrant online presence for people with a million creative ideas,
who don’t have the time, or perhaps the inclination, is completely our thing.

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James P. Gates


The strong desire to focus on helping creative people led to the genesis of WHITE/SPACE. The wealth of creativity afforded by being a theatre director, enhanced by working directly with theatre designers, and in marketing & graphic design, directly fed into James' design sensibilities. A graduate of the inaugural Wix Playground, an intensive, educational, global design space in New York, provided an extensive opportunity to further leverage his design skills. He is a Wix Pro & Wix Certified Trainer.

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How do you want it? We'll work it out.
How you envisioned it.